Property Investors

Are you considering becoming a Property Investor?

Property InvestorWe find Property Investors invariably form one of two types:

  • Investor who are cash poor but time rich
  • Investors who are cash rich but time poor

Which type of Property Investor are you?

UK Property Investor regularly works with Joint Venture Partners (JVs) on property investment and development projects where mutual win/win is achievable. For both types of investors, we usually work in a JV Partnership on either a fixed return or equity / profit share basis.

Fixed Return Property Investment

This type of investment is where UK Property Investor offers some or all of the cash to a JV Partner in return for a fixed return, which is agreed upfront before the project commences. This return could either be an agreed level of interest to be paid in return for capital loaned on a monthly basis, or an overall agreed fixed return regardless of the outcome and profit made from the project.

The benefit to Investors of working with us as opposed to seeking bridging or mortgage lending is that firstly our costs would be more favourable and secondly, we are able to provide finance to investors who might otherwise struggle to raise finance through the traditional lending channels.

In addition, we work with Property Investors who have funds to invest, but no time to source suitable properties and complete refurbishment works, with the view to either selling or letting the property. We have all of the necessary resources available to take these projects from inception through to completion and welcome cash rich investors looking for excellent returns on their capital, both on short term and longer term JV property projects.

Equity / Profit Share Property Investment

This type of Property Investment is where the Investor providing the capital shares in the profit of the project and therefore whilst a riskier strategy since no returns are guaranteed, it also offers a much better upside and potential return on capital.

UK Property Investor welcomes JV Partnerships from Investors who keen to work on investment projects of this nature, whereby we can either provide all of the resources to source, refurbish / develop and sell or rent a property, in return for the Investor providing us with all, or a large proportion of the required capital, in return for a share of the exit profit achieved.

Conversely, if you have found a project you are seeking a JV Partner to provide funding on a profit share basis, then we would like to hear from you.

Please complete the form below if you're a Property Investor and either seeking or offering property finance, on either a fixed return or profit share basis or alternatively read more about Joint Ventures (JVs) here.

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