Property Sourcers / Finders

Earn money from your BMV Property Leads

Sell BMV LeadsWe work with a network of Property Sourcers / Property Finders and Investors throughout the UK to generate win/win scenarios. Leveraging our network of contacts, we are able to enable Property Sourcers to earn a great income from thier unwanted BMV Leads by passing them on to Property Investors looking for great investment opportunities.

How to earn income from unwanted BMV Leads:

  • If you come across a great property investment opportunity for a great BMV deal but either don't wish to proceed yourself, or are unable to for whatever reason, then get in touch with us ASAP to tell us about the property and opportunity in the first instance.

  • Upon reviewing the opportunity, we will then suggest one of the following options:

      • Buy the lead ourselves if property is in one of our active investment areas
      • Suggest a potential JV Partnership with you
      • Refer the lead onto our network of active investor

  • Depending on the way in which things proceed, you will then benefit in one of three ways:

    • Being paid upfront fee for the lead
    • Being paid upon completion of the property purchase
    • JV the investment opportunity with us to mutual benefit

So whatever happens, so long as the BMV Lead is of good quality and the opportunity is realistic and offers great returns, you will benefit from getting in touch and working with us.

To get the ball rolling and start earning income from your unwanted BMV Property Leads, get in touch with us today by filling in the form now and one of our Consultants will promptly respond.

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